Daisy Duke Short Shorts
DD8233  -  $33.00

The Classic Short Shorts
Pussy Boy Daisy Duke Style Short Shorts

This is the first new short shorts design we have offered in quite some time. Because of feedback from customers, we wanted to add a line of very sexy short shorts, cover ups and swim trunks. The line of short shorts will be called Pussy Boy. Our short shorts designs are for all men; gay, straight and Bi. I know the name Pussy Boy seems to be a little polarizing, but I just feel it fits the borderline feminine look of the short shorts style. The Daisy Duke short shorts are the first of at least a few more offerings this summer. We were not going to add any short shorts to this collection but, based on the calls and e-mails we received, our customers really want them. So we decided to slip one in with our summer collection. We heard you loud and clear and hope you enjoy these special sexy short shorts.

The Daisy Duke Short Shorts are designed as a swimsuit cover up or daring workout shorts, but not as swimwear. They have been created using denim look cotton spandex all way stretch fabric to give the appearance of real denim. They mold to your body while showing just the right amount of ass. We wanted this design to mirror how girls wear short shorts and it took us many tries to get it just right. Can you imagine the looks you’ll get at the gym while working out in these extremely sexy shorts or walking down to the beach of pool.  You will be getting an eyeful from everyone. However, that won’t be anything compared to the breathless looks you’ll get when you peel it off to expose your favorite micro G-string. Priceless!